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I use stoneware and porcelain to make tactile ceramics on the wheel at my studio in Turville near Henley-on-Thames.

I walk over the hills to my studio, it’s my time to focus thoughts and plan my day.  There’s always a sense of anticipation in my walk, I look forward to seeing how pots are drying, to review the previous days work with fresh (usually critical) eyes, perhaps even being able to open the cooled kiln.


On arrival, I open the blinds and survey the pots.  I evaluate the curves, for me it’s always the curves which create harmony and balance. Whilst the thrill of opening the kiln after glaze firing is hard to beat, I also cherish the moment when you can first hold a mug after its first firing.  Only then can you really feel how a mug fits your hand, that’s when you know you are closer to success.


Every single pot is a new beginning.  I have a silent conversation with each of my pots, I comment on what refinement they still need or which glaze would best complement their form.  I appraise each one and am fairly brutal in my assessment of potential so that I can recycle as much of my clay as possible.


I like the rhythm of ceramics.  It is a slow paced art form.  You can’t rush at it.  Each piece is individual, made carefully in the hope that it will be loved and used everyday.  It takes time, experience and attention to shape the piece, refine it, fire and glaze it and fire it again.  


My playlist reflects both my levels of concentration and the tasks of the day.  It might be Tracy Chapman or Smetana: Má vlast, Radio 4 or Omara Portuondo and then Live Lounge kicks in and I’m dancing again.  There’s coffee on the go, goats to distract and skies and shadows on the hill.


I hope my work will be cherished because an ordinary mug can become the foundation or support act in a busy day, creating a moment of calm and warmth, even of hope and joy.


My pots are quiet, understated pieces, they combine subtle colours with simple shapes to continue the private conversation between the pot and its holder.

You are very welcome to visit my studio, please message me to make an arrangement.  



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